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Curry Recipes

All of our curry blends are made as 'mild' to be friendly for the whole family. For a hotter taste, add chilli powder or fresh chillies to taste. Remember: You can add heat but you cannot remove it. Note: If you double the recipe, only use one-and-a-half times of the blend. Be sure to visit again soon as more recipes are coming!

Click to see Info Page 'Lamb Korma' (viewed 2101 times)

Lamb Korma: "Korma is generally a mild curry for either chicken, beef or lamb. It has a characteristically creamy, silky and deep rich texture. The flavour is based on a combination of yoghurt or coconut milk, almonds and gentle spicing enhanced by cooking slowly and carefully on low temperature. ..."

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Massaman Chicken Curry: "Massaman curry, which originated in the south of Thailand is rather unique amongst Thai curries as it is more like an Indian curry, which is heavy on dry spices and very aromatic and it seems to have become a favourite of many Thai food lovers. it is most often prepared with lamb or beef in Th..."

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Beef Vindaloo Curry: "Vindaloo is an Indian curry dish from the region of Goa, which was occupied by the Portuguese for a number of years. That why Vindaloo, like some other local dishes of Goa is influenced by Portuguese style of cooking. The name Vindaloo is derived from the Portuguese dish "Carne de Vinha d' Alho..."

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Butter Chicken: "Butter Chicken, like a Chicken Tikka Masala, is among the best known Indian foods all over the world. However, neither of these dishes have a truly Indian flavour. You will rarely find them in India, but these two dishes take top place on Indian restaurant menus all over the globe. The actual f..."

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Madras Beef Curry: "Classically, people think of Madras curry as being much hotter than other curries, as it originates in the south of India, where many foods are heavy on the chilies. Saying that, Madras curry actually doesn’t have to be very hot and could be variable in terms of heat to enjoy the wonderful fr..."

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Chicken Tikka Masala: "Chicken Tikka Masala is probably one of the most popular Indian dishes in the world. It is full of flavor and colour. You will find it on specialty sections on the menu in every Indian restaurant. The irony is that this dish has very little to do with authentic Indian cuisine. That is why the..."

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