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My name is Nadia Collins and my business is called "Blends to Enjoy".

I am passionate about healthy, tasty food. It could be a fully prepared meal, a sandwich, or even a snack but it must be tasty. I found that adding spices or herbs even to simple meals gives you the taste.

Also I like to know what is going into my food and what my family is eating. I don`t like supermarkets premixed sauces or precooked meals  because they list ingredients that I would prefer to eliminate from my food.

How many people are like me and how many would like to cook easy but healthy and tasty meals for our loved ones.

Not many people will have lots of spices at home and not everybody will know how to mix them. However, my blends make home cooking easy and produce flavourful, healthy meals, which will impress your family and friends.

Why not add flavour to your next home-cooked meal with one of my blends and see for yourself.

Blends to Enjoy

All the spice blends sold by me are blended by me from the primary ingredients. Each blend in my shop lists the ingredients used to make the blend and have
no preservatives, fillers, or additives

I source all my spices and herbs from reputable suppliers and restock them often while buying smaller quantities to ensure freshness. All spices and herbs are stored in airtight glass containers away from heat and light to preserve the flavours and prevent volatile oils from evaporating.

It is very easy for you to produce great tasting meals using my blends as it takes the mystery out of knowing which spices to use and what combinations to use when a certain flavour is desired.

As my business will progress, this website will be updated with new products, articles, and information regularly. To be sure not to miss what is happening on Blends to Enjoy, please sign-up for my newsletter.


So take a journey through my website, learn about spices and herbs, their benefits and their uses. Stop in my shop and get some gourmet spice and herbs blends for yourself or for your friends and loved ones.